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eT3 implements Banque Misr Lebanon On-line Banking System

     In order to better serve their customers in Lebanon, Banque Misr decided to launch an On-Line Banking System aiming to provide access to authorized bank’s customers a fast and accurate banking functionality through a secured Internet connectivity.    eT3 designed and developed the new On-Line banking site dedicated to Banque Misr Lebanon; the major functions includes: –

  • Accounts Function giving access to all customer’s bank accounts as well as cards accounts; with the possibility of displaying/printing statement of accounts for a selected account for a specific date range.
  •  Financial Instruments Functions giving the bank’s customer the possibility to view his shares, bonds etc… including the average price and the actual market prices giving the total value for each share and bond.
 BML 1
  • Cards Function allowing the bank’s customer to view his several “Debit” and “Credit” cards accounts.
  • Insurance Policy Function including the policy holder, the policy description, the policy number, as well as the coverage/subscription

    In order to provide administrative control to Banque Misr clerks, eT3 has developed a complete “Back-Office” module to the “On-Line Banking System”, responsible for managing and supporting all the administrative part of the system, including the call center functionality covering any problem which can face the bank’s customers