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Completion of Banque Misr Inter-Branch Transaction Project

eT3 successfully complete s the first phase of Banque Misr’s most critical automation project in the current century ; “On-line Inter-branch Transaction”.


Banque Misr was the leader bank in Egypt in applying Information Technology for all bank activities.  The bank automation, started in 1978  with Core Banking and Branch Automation for  Cairo and Alex branches, connected by private leased network,  followed by ATM network all over Egypt (1982 -1990), Upcountry (1989) and Islamic (1992) branches, Card Center automation (1990), Phone Banking (1992), Internet Banking (1998)… etc . This resulted in many heterogeneous non-integrated  systems forming islands of information, causing the following constraints:
  • No on-line inter-branch transactions.
  • No consolidated customer view.
  • No on-line consolidated bank position.
  • Different level of branch services.
  • No standard in adding new integrated services

To overcome these constraints,  the objective was to connect all branch applications in 440 branches distributed allover Egypt thus availing on-line inter-branch transaction service to all Banque Misr customers and providing consolidated data of all branches.  The required solution should be:

  • Simple and easy to maintain
  • Re-usable
  • Provide audit and control

The challenge was to achieve the above objective, while protecting the bank investment by keeping the current applications, and completing the project in 3 months (before end Sept. 2003).  The middle-ware  technology chosen was Oracle 9i Hub & Spoke, which achieved all above objectives while providing standard in adding new integrated service.

eT3 Role in the Project

  • Project Management & Follow up
  • Availing test environment :
    • Servers for new environment (Oracle 9i DB & Hub, Centralized DB for Global Signature, Balances and Stopped Checks)
    • Servers simulating old systems ( Cairo & Alex Centralized branches, Upcountry branches and Islamic  branches)
    • LAN and routing
    • Test workstations and connections to Banque Misr
  • Designing Hub configuration and routing
  • Designing centralized DB
  • Developing  JAVA custom adaptors in the Hub
  • Writing SQL stored procedures to support DB and AQ (advanced queuing) adapters
  • Developing custom spokes ( C language) for different applications:
    • Cairo & Alex centralized branches monitored by BEA TOPEND
    • Upcountry branches developed in COBOL
    • Islamic branches (Oracle 8.06 & developer 2000)