News & EventsNews 2001

Launch of BM Card: The First Banking Service in Egypt Targeting the Young Generation

Banque Misr issues BM Card.    The objective of this project is to issue a local debit card aimed to service the new generation (16 years and over) —  “e-Generation”.    
This card can be used in:

  • ATM Machines: cash withdrawal
  • Points of Sale (POS) at merchants’ locations: buying
  • POS at Banque Misr branches: cash withdrawal and deposit
  • Internet: video rental ( no previous subscription required )

The card account can be fed by:


    Deposits through POS at Banque Misr branches

  • Regular payment instructions
  • Transfer from other accounts at any of Banque Misr branches

Cooperation with fast food restaurants, entertainment parks, garments stores, video rental shops …etc, provides card holders with special discounts and offers from these partners.

eT3 participated in the project with project management, system integration and development services

Card Features:

  • Customers of age 16 and over open saving account with local currency
  • Yearly interest rate 10.25 %
  • No card limit other than available account balance
  • Card issuing expense L.E. 10 and yearly renewal L.E. 5
  • Transactions Statement mailed to customer monthly

Project Advantages:

  • Covers a large sector of the Egyptian society presenting 50% of its buying force
  • Develops saving, planning and banking conscience in the new “e-Generation”, and changes spending habits from cash to electronic methods
  • A channel for advertising for the bank and the project partners, also for marketing programs and promotions
  • A means for spreading e-Commerce in Egypt

Project Partners:

  • Garments stores
  • Internet companies ( ISP)
  • Fast food chains
  • Super Markets
  • Pharmacies
  • Commercial shops
  • Video rental shops