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ATM Operations Outsourcing

February 2002

NCR subcontracts eT3 for the first ATM Operations Outsourcing Project in Egypt

ATM Operational Efficiency Agreement between NCR and National Societe General Bank (NSGB) covers outsourcing of the following activities:

  • Monitoring and Management of ATMs’ Network and Links to EBC (Egyptian Banking Company – National ATM Switch), VISA and MasterCard International
  • Cash Replenishment
  • First Line and Second Line Maintenance
  • Consumables Replenishment and Stock Management
All ATMs are operational, on-line 24 hours x 7 days / week .  The first phase of the project includes 36 ATMs in Cairo, Giza and Alexandria.

eT3 provides the following Professional Services for the Outsourcing Project:

  • Project Management
  • Developing Procedures and Forms for ATM Operations
  • Running Monitoring and Management Center 24 x 7.
  • Developing Software for Monitoring, Event Dispatching, Escalation, Cash Balancing and CIT Management.
  • Management Center Staffing
  • Dynamic Replenishment Scheduling
May 2002

Completion of the Project.  All ATMs have been handed over to NCR / eT3 for Monitoring and Management.