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BM PSS “Banque Misr Payroll Service System”

BM PSS 1.emf            The Payroll Services System, most commonly called PSS, has been designed to dispense employees’ payroll of corporates customer to the bank as well as corporates non-bank’s customer, giving the bank a competitive edge, in addition of preserving its corporates customer base.

At eT3, we always aim to serve our customers by adopting the highest quality standards in designing and developing applications, accordingly the following bullet items were taken into consideration while designing and developing the Payroll Services System;

  • Minimizing and offloading the bank users of any additional duties by offering a complete client module which will be operated by the corporates.
  • Easiness of operation on both bank and corporate level, as PSS has been designed as a web application providing self-explanatory pages and process.
  •  Maximizing the auditing and control levels by adopting the “Maker” and “Checker” methodology in addition of recording every single transaction performed on the system in an audit log file, which will be easily reviewed using a specially designed “Search Engine”.
  • Minimizing human interventions preventing errors, manual entries mistakes, and work duplication; on both the bank and corporates levels as follows: –

ü  On Bank level; developing straight forward integration points and comprehensive interfaces functions, with both i-flex (Banque Misr Core Banking System)and Oasis applications (ATM Switch); capable of automatically handling the several payroll situations (Account / Pre-Paid Cards).

ü  On Corporate level; developing a smart file mapping tool capable of uploading the corporate payroll data from any existing system starting from a simple Excel sheet to sophisticated ERP and back-office systems used by any corporate.

  • The Payroll Services System will generate an ACH XML file to send to EBC’s ACH switch in order to dispense complete or partial employees’ salaries in other banks, taking into consideration the fact that eT3 is one of the few software solutions’ providers in Egypt certified by EBC in ACH domain.

In order to provide full flexibility while dispensing payroll amounts to the corporate’s employees, the solution will allow dual payroll disbursement using either

pre-paid cards or inside the bank’s customers accounts, also for corporates bank customers, the solution will be capable of debiting the corporate current account to settle the monthly payroll or for corporates non-bank customers the solution will accept cheques or SWIFT transfers as payroll settlements.

One of the major features of the PSS solution is the scalability; as the same application will be able to serve small to huge corporations giving the bank’s sales and marketing division a powerful tool capable of attracting more and more corporates handling their payroll through Banque Misr.

The payroll Services System is a web application as appearing in the following picture which is highlighting the PSS architecture;

BM PSS 2.emf

Payroll Services System (PSS) is covered with the highest level of security measures as following: –

  • Corporates’ users will only be able to operate the application by using the workstations existing in their respective corporate environment.
  • System will only allow usage during pre-defined working days and hours.
  • Standard Internet Security issues will be applied such as;

ü  PCI international standards.

ü  S.S.L.

ü  Data Encryption.