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eT3 develops and implements the following system integration process for American University in Cairo (AUC) utilizing Microsoft Biztalk Server: “Students Tests Results Publishing” in Students Informatin System


Integrating Tests’ Results with Students’ Information System


Solution Description

  The following picture is summarizing the solution description: –

AUC Tests Integration

1.      Once test results are evaluated, they are sent by email and stored into AUC’s mail server.

2.      Reviewer is checking the results.

3.      Using POP3 & Excel adapters, integration Server (BizTalk) perform the following tasks: –

·         Receives the email.

·         The email attachment (which contains the examinees’ scores) is extracted.

·         Using the Excel adapter each row of the attached Excel sheet is transformed into an XML messages.

·         The data is validated.

·         The data is mapped to the desired target data structure and format.

·         The target data Store is validated for consistency.

4.      Using Oracle adapter the XML messages are inserted or updated into the Banner’s system database, the adapter also append to the XML file the database insertion or update response.

5.      Using the Excel adapter XML messages containing the database insertion or update response is assembled into an Excel sheet and via SMTP adapter, the Excel sheet is sent by email to the original Sender as well as to the responsible department.