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eT3 implements Banque Misr Probate Attorney System (نظام المجلس الحسبي – نائب الوصايا)

Traditionally and prior releasing the probate attorney system, a guardian when requesting to withdraw a certain amount from a minor  (قاصر)or an incapacitated (فاقد الأهلية) bank account was forced to go to the probate attorney office and fill a withdrawal request, the probate attorney will then give him a letter addressed to the bank asking the bank to give him the minor or incapacitated actual available account balance, the last withdrawal amount, and date. The guardian would then return to the attorney office and get an approval or a rejection for his original request.

This long process is now no more applicable, as the Ministry of Justice in collaboration with Banque Misr has decided to provide a much more convenient way; the “Probate Attorney System” which reduced the process to just one step.

The objective of Probate Attorney System is to provide access to authorized clerks in different probate attorneys’ offices to query account balance for a minor or incapacitated accounts existing in the various branches of Banque Misr through a secured Internet access when the judicial authorities consider that a query should be performed.

To facilitate audit and to apply bank’s safety regulations, the system will log all query operations or even a query trial into a historical Log File showing the user name and the date and time.

The following points summarize the security considerations applied by the system:

  • User will not be allowed to query an account outside the jurisdiction of his prosecutions office, as all system users will be linked to their prosecution offices.
  • User will not be allowed to use the system except through prosecution offices’ computers by verifying the Real IP Address or using another method of physical verification of the computers such as Microsoft’s “Silverlight” component.
  • Users will not be allowed to access the system except on working days only and will not be allowed to enter the system on holidays.
  • The system is fully applying all of the fixed security measures guaranteeing the safety of use over Internet such as; PCI Standards, SSL, data base Encryption, etc…
  • Only the authorized persons (heads of the Prosecution Office) will be capable to request a query of the Log by selecting different criteria in a search engine in order to discover any illegal action performed by prosecution office clerk’s dealings with the system.

The Probate Attorney System is equipped with a flexible back-office module giving the possibility to Banque Misr clerks to easily administrate the system 

 Probate Attorney 1