Automatic Fax / e-Mail Delivery

Sector    : Banking 

Category : Financial Services

Product Summary:

Upon request from the bank’s major customers,  the system automatically sends daily account statement by fax or by e-mail

This application consists of three different parts:

  1. File Parsing Server used for parsing the host output file that is sent daily (at the end of day) and formats its records according to the customers’ account numbers, then adds these customers’ records to the database. It also decides for each customer, who needs to have his accounts statements by Fax and who needs it by mail and who wants it by both.
  2. The Fax Server application that depends mainly on the Windows 2000 Server Fax Service to send daily faxes to the special customers including the daily transactions and balance, formatted exactly as account statement .
  3. Mail Server application that sends the formatted account statements by mail to the E-mail address of each customer.


  • Fast response with huge amounts of data (due to powerful data engine) ..
  • Flexible design using Microsoft Industry Standard tools to facilitate integration with any  banking core application.


  • Facilitates the bank operations.
  • Better service for the bank’s customers giving a competitive edge.

Solution based on MicroSoft Platforms and Development tools

Customer References:

  • National Societe General Bank