Cash Acceptance

Sector    : Banking 

Category : Financial Services

Product Summary:

This Application is used to enable the bank customers to use the cash acceptance machine P73 with all its functions. The customer can deposit any amount of money in the machine at any time within the day; this transaction is recorded in the bank database directly (i.e. the customer’s account is affected with this transaction as soon as heshe deposits the money in the machine). This application consists of two main parts:

  1. Windows socket server that accepts the requests from the cash acceptance machine and logs these requests in Microsoft SQL Server 2000 database, and then it returns the bank host response to the machine for taking action.
  2. Host Interface that is written to communicate with the Unix bank host; this interface handles the request between the machine and the Unix Server, it sends the request through Emulation Mode and waits till it gets the response back. The data is logged again in Microsoft SQL 2000 Server together with the host response.

If the bank host was unavailable, the server logs the transaction in the database to get the authorization later and it allows the machine to take the deposited amount.


  • Fast response with huge amounts of data (due to powerful data engine) ..
  • Flexible design using Microsoft Industry Standard tools to facilitate integration with any  banking core application.


  • Provides 24 hour bank teller operation
  • Better service for the bank’s customers giving a competitive edge.

Solution based on MicroSoft Platforms and Development tools

Customer References:

  • National Societe General Bank