Cash Dispensing Application


Sector    : Banking 
Category : Financial Services

Product Summary:

Designed as a bank teller assist tool, the Cash Dispensing Application includes the following main functionality:

  • The application is activated by pressing a hot key while running the original bank core application, transaction amount, and the transaction number will be prompted to be entered or captured by the cash dispensing application depending on the bank original core application.
  • The application will dispense part of the amount between 5 LE. To 5995 LE, the remaining part will be manually dispensed.
  • The application will display a warning to the tellers as well as the administrator, when notes inside dispensers are bellow certain limits.
  • The application will log the transactions and update the note level remaining in different cassettes.
  • If for any reason one of the cassettes will reach an empty situation, The application will calculate an alternative denomination.

System Administration functionality includes :

  • Perform general maintenance operations and consisting of maintaining the control table, or the terminal configuration table, or the teller table etc .
  • Perform a start of day operation, including feeding all cassettes in different dispensers with cash and tellers assignment to cash dispensers etc .


  • Full Client/Server architecture; giving the optimum physical load distribution and enhanced future scalability
  • Developed using industry standard tools, including windows GUI to be user friendly.
  • Multi-Level of security
  • Client security; username / passward with user permissions per function
  • Data Base security; on Record/Field level, Read/Write/Execute level, and on User/Groups level.



  • Better Control of Cash Operations
  • Minimizing cash notes Counting operations.
  • Minimizing Tellers over/short mistakes.

Solution based on MicroSoft Platforms and Development tools

Customer References:

  • Commercial International Bank (CIB)