Deli’s Kiosk Application


As deli’s queues are usually very long and time consuming, eT3 decided to overcome this obstacle by developing the “Deli’s Kiosk Application”. The solution when implemented will give the food store a competitive edge over other stores as after placing his order over the “Deli’s Kiosk Application”, the customer will be free to walk around the store and buy more items from shelf area.

The Deli’s kiosk application is composed of the following modules: –

  •      The kiosk module is considered the core module of the application displaying all users’ interface screens and printing a receipt at transaction end.
  •     The kiosk management module, controlling the several kiosks installed all over the store and storing frequent customers’ data into its database, in addition to a complete back-office program.
  •       The deli counter module responsible for displaying the details of any order on a special monitor to the staff as well as printing the order. This module, specially designed by eT3, is displaying the detailed order including the cutting instructions in Arabic for the first time.

The Deli’s Kiosk Application is fully integrated with the most commonly used POSs application.

The following image highlights the general design considerations providing attractive users’ interface screens all over the application

  1. Dual language interface displaying always all pages’ literals in English and Arabic using simple, straight, and commonly used expressions.
  2. Operating Instructions, whenever required are used and are always appearing in red color.
  3. Icons are intensively used as they are self-explanatory.
  4. Applied validation rules on fields are always displayed under the field to guide the user, as windows errors /messages are usually not encouraging customers to use kiosks.
  5. Keys or buttons are always designed to be big enough to fit any size of users’ fingers.
  6. Finally the pages background are always using light colors as dark colors is reflecting finger prints of previous users which could be disagreeable for some customers specially in food stores industry.