e-Secured Payment

A major product, in the long successful family of products and solutions, developed and implemented by eT3 ; is the e Secured Payment.

The product includes three main components:

  • A checkout  page, sometimes named “Payment Client”, easily and effortlessly integrated into any regular e-commerce application running on any merchant Internet server, uses local or international debit/credit cards for payment.

  • A powerful Payment gateway at the acquirer bank, capable of processing all data safely gathered by checkout pages with the most popular credit cards management systems.
  • A full Web-based application “The Transaction Management Module” allowing merchants to monitor and administrate their payment transactions received over the Net, including handling batches, settlement messages, authorization cancellation, settlement reversal, multiple criteria report generation, and manual entry and authorization or IVR integration for non Internet users.

The whole solution is strongly covered with a powerful security system, deploying SSL (Secure Socket Layer) or SET (Secure Electronic Transaction) techniques to guaranty the following:

  • No interference is possible in all exchanged messages.
  • Message‚Äôs contents are not changed.
  • Senders / Receivers can never be substituted.

eT3 e Secured Payment has been designed to fulfill all merchants needs for to-day and tomorrow, as flexibility, scalability and reliability are always scoped by our designers.

All merchants? Yes, regardless of their size or the platform they are using, these issues are completely transparent to eT3 e Secured Payment.

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