Government Payment

Sector    : Government
Category : Financial Services

Designed as a standard traditional Point Of Sale, the Governmental Payment Application includes the following main functionality:
  • Handle any ISO Magnetic plastic card.
  • On Line Bank Authorization.
  • On Line automatic Bank Accounts Update for both parties (the customer and the Governmental authority).
  • Standard Government Reports.
  • Standard Government Receipts including receipt stamp.
  • Easy use of different charge codes.
  • Refund capability.
  • Comprehensive Secured Error Correction Facilities.
System Administration functionality includes :
  • User Set-up with security levels
  • Charge Codes Maintenance
  • Purging Historical Tables according to certain criteria.
  • Control Table Maintenance
Benefits and Features:
  • Preventing people the risk of carrying big amounts of cash.
  • Saving the cost and the risk of transporting huge amounts of cash from Governmental offices to the banks.
  • Facilitating the complexity of some Governmental procedures.
  • Multiple branches for the same Governmental authority.
  • Facilitating bank reconciliation procedure for the Governmental authorities.
  • Flexible design to facilitate customization and enhancements.
  • Superior User Interface (windows GUI,  user friendly, efficient)
Solution based on MicroSoft Platforms and Development tools
Customer References:
  • Banque Misr
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