Item Processing

Sector    : Banking
Category : Financial Services

Product Summary:

Item Processing is the process of saving scanned credit cards transaction vouchers, and Pont of Sale transaction slips, together with their associated data, for further processing.

Item Processing includes the following functionality:

  • Scanning, with data entry, of bank’s credit / debit cards transaction vouchers and saving on data base
  • Scanning, with data entry, of bank’s Point of Sale transaction slips and saving on data base
  • Charge Back Department Inquiry and retrieval of scanned image, in accordance with customer charge back requests
  • At end of day, daily transactions are output to special format file needed for issuer bank settlement .

Benefits and Features:

  • Superior User Interface (windows GUI, user friendly, fast response)
  • Intensive data entry verification with batch totals (count and value)
  • Powerful Inquiry Features needed for handling Charge Back requests
  • On-line data available for three consecutive months
  • Fast response with huge amounts of data (due to powerful data engine)
  • Multiple Banks / Branches, Multi-currency, Dual Language
  • Flexible design to facilitate customization and enhancements

Solution based on MicroSoft Platforms and Development tools

Customer References:

  • Banque Misr
  • Egyptian American Bank (EAB)