Sector    : Banking 
Category : Financial Services

Product Summary:

Using Touch Screen technology Banking Kiosk Application is mainly designed to give bank’s customers self servicing capabilities to perform, by them selves, a selection of banking transactions, in one of three different available languages.

Kiosk includes  all bank functionality, excluding cash handling (deposits and withdrawals)

When the kiosk  is idle, the application, using MicroSoft multi media tools, will display various promotional materials.

The application includes the following main functionality:

  • For All Users :-
    • Latest Currency Exchange Rates
    • Available Deposits with life examples
    • Available Loans with life examples
    • Different Bank Products & Services
  • For Bank Customers:-
    • Account Enquiry
    • Customer Profile Enquiry
    • Account to Account Transfer
    • Mini Statement Printing
    • Full Statement Printing
    • Cheque Book Request
    • Standing Order(s)
    • Stop Cheque(s)

Banking Kiosk Application is fully parameterized using a System Administration module, System Administration functionality includes :

  • Enable/Disable User Functions.
  • Languages Selection.
  • User Messages customization for the three selected languages.
  • Currency Exchange Rates Publication.
  • Promotion Material Publication.
  • Communication Parameters.
  • Integration Parameters.


  • Intensive Security capabilities.
  • Fully Parameterized Application.
  • Superior User Interface (windows GUI,  user friendly,   efficient)
  • Powerful Inquiry Features (all capabilities of RDBMS)
  • Fast response with huge amounts of data (due to powerful data engine)  ..)
  • Multiple branches , Multi-currency, Multi Languages (up to three)
  • Flexible design using Microsoft Industry Standard tools to facilitate integration with any banking core application.


  • Off load the bank tellers.
  • Give Bank Customers Access To Services Out Side Bank’s Official Hours.
  • Sell new products to the bank customers.
  • Secure new customers to the bank(Non Customers Functions).
  • Better service for the bank’s customers giving a competitive edge.

Solution based on MicroSoft Platforms and Development tools

Customer References

  • National Societe Generale Bank