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eT3 Delivers Secured Payment for Gas Stations, Lybia

   Based on the requirements of Libya, eT3 developed a full kiosk application capable of accepting pre-paid cards at different gas stations as a secured payment for refueling. The following picture is highlighting the solution architecture: –

  • The prepaid cards server will be responsible for issuing and keeping an up to the second status of the prepaid cards in several gas station involved in the system;  in addition to keeping the accounting parts related to the retail outlets which are selling these cards.
  • The server administrators will be responsible of all back-office functionalities.
  • In the very near future, the prepaid card server will act as a gateway to the card management system (Credit Cards) and to the core banking server (Debit Cards) when it will be allowed to pay for gas station services using debit or credit cards.

The following self-explanatory pictures summarize the workflow: –